Puppy Blues

It’s been a little over a month since we brought home our corgi pembroke welsh puppy Turnip and what a month it’s been! We were waiting for this lil’ girl for over six months and we couldn’t be more in love but we truly had no clue what being puppy parents actually meant.

Despite all the reading, studying and preparing we did, it’s been more challenging and life changing than Ryan and I ever expected! The first week in all honesty we had doubts we could pull this off at all, feeling full of regret and guilt. I found myself researching if post puppy depression aka “puppy blues” was a real thing and it sure is! It’s a huge life change that completely shakes up any routine you were used to. With a combination of little to no sleep and her getting used to her new home with us, the first week was one of the toughest since moving here. Here we are though, over a month in, three puppy training sessions completed and plenty of tears shed and we wouldn’t change a thing! She’s learning, growing and testing our patience ( lol ) everyday. It isn’t easy in the slightest but we’ve all gotten into our routines and get to snuggle on the bed together when she’s sleepy and in those moments it especially feels so rewarding.

If you’re feeling ready to get a puppy and people tell you it’s just like having a baby, they really aren’t being dramatic. Take the time to be sure you can devote the proper amount of training, activity and patience a puppy requires otherwise it’s definitely unfair to you both. Do your research to figure out which breed would best suit your lifestyle and schedule. I’m grateful for how much she’s already gotten us out and about! We’re able to enjoy our beautiful neighborhood, beaches and the start of Summer together. I can’t wait to see this peanut grow up because there’s plenty of hiking, camping and exploring to be done 🧡 🦴

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